Storage and Sales

British Standards

All Galaxy Fireworks offered for sale are tested to comply with
BS 7114 : Part 2 : 1988, and satisfy the current legislation for consumer fireworks in Northern Ireland.

Value added tax
All trade prices quoted are exclusive of V.A.T all recommended retail prices included V.A.T at 17.5%. Should the V.A.T rate change, retail prices will be amended accordingly.

Prices shown were fixed at January 2001 and will be maintained unless dramatic increases in material costs occur.
All terms are offered subject to availability.
We reserve the right to vary the contents of all selections.

Storage and sale of fireworks
The law requires that you store and display your fireworks safely. In order to sell and store fireworks you must register your premises with the Northern Ireland Office. The registration lasts for one year and our local representative can advise you where to apply..

Two standards are recognised and can be registered as Mode A or Mode B.

Mode B

Storage allows up to 225kg of fireworks to be stored, of this quantity up to 200kg may be stored in closed metal containers containing up to 50kg each, in a part of your premises which the public cannot enter.
The remaining 50kg can be stored in your shop in drawers, cupboards or showcases etc.

Mode A
Allows up to 900kg of fireworks to be stored on their own in a safe and secure building or fireproof room not attached to a dwelling house. Here again, not more than 50kg may kept in your shop stored under Mode B.

You may, in the course of a sale display up to 2kg of fireworks on your counter, but you must return any unsold stock in the showcase or cupboard afterwards.

Bengal matches are not fireworks and must not be stored with fireworks.

Sparklers are fireworks and must only be stored as detailed above.

You must not smoke in any room where there are fireworks, nor should you permit customers to do so.

It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of sixteen.